Don’t let tooth discomfort or pain rule your life any longer. Rid your smile of unhealthy teeth by becoming a patient of New Age Dental Care. Our tooth removal dentist in Chesterfield, MO, is equipped to perform pain-free extractions on a daily basis. Not only do we remove wisdom teeth, but we also remove teeth that put the health of your entire mouth at risk.  You can depend on us to create a procedure plan perfectly suited to your unique situation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal from the Experts

Take care of wisdom teeth before they become a nuisance with the help of our dental team. These knowledgeable professionals perform wisdom teeth removal in Chesterfield to eliminate the problems that accompany the third set of molars as they grown into the mouth.  Wisdom teeth typically lay dormant in the gums until early adulthood. Many people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, meaning that when they attempt to grow out of the gums they may actually push in nearby tooth roots or jaw bone. Investing in dental extractions before this occurs allows you to prevent serious consequences like the following:

• Gum & Tooth Infection • Gradual Mouth Overcrowding • Eventual Shifting of Teeth • Unmanageable Discomfort/Pain


Signs it’s Time to Invest in Dental Extractions

Turn to our practice for tooth extractions unrelated to wisdom teeth. At a certain point, dental decay and disease becomes untreatable. If the most effective procedures and services are unable to improve the condition of the affected tooth, then it’s time to consider removal. We would be happy to help you determine whether or not the tooth in question should be removed to prevent the spread of infection.

The following are some of the leading signs we look out for when deciding if extraction is the right choice for our patients:

• Unwanted Pain for No Reason
• Swollen & Bleeding Gum Tissue
• Reoccurring Pimple on the Gums
• Discomfort When Eating or Chewing
• Gradual Darkening of the Tooth
• Tooth is Already Loose or Wiggling


Why Should You Get Your Tooth Extracted?

Great question!  Sometimes your tooth needs to be pulled because it is causing you some pain.  Here are some more reasons why you may need to get your tooth extracted now:

  • Severe tooth decay: In certain circumstances, it is possible for a tooth to become so decayed, it needs to be removed from the mouth entirely.
  • Trauma: If a tooth becomes badly damaged due to trauma (such as a severe blow to the face), having the tooth pulled may prove to be the only viable option available to you.
  • Crowded Mouth: There are circumstances in which pulling a tooth is done simply because it is the best decision for the mouth as a whole.
  • Infection: When tooth decay/damage reaches a certain level of severity, the pulp inside the tooth can become prone to infection. This is where your nerves and blood vessels can be found. Bacteria can work its way to those things, creating a litany of serious infection problems. When root canals and antibiotics are incapable of dealing with the problem, tooth extraction is often suggested.
  • Potential infection: If your immune system is in a state of decline or pronounced weakness, certain teeth can become more prone to infection than they normally would. In situations such as these, tooth extraction is recommended.
  • Severe gum disease: If gum disease becomes a significant enough problem, it can cause a tooth to become loose. When this happens, a tooth extraction may be right for you.

One thing is certain: if you’re at a point where you think you need your tooth extracted, you need to give us a call now to prevent any future complications with your teeth.

What does it cost to get your tooth extracted?

This is a good question, and one that we get very often. Our tooth extraction special starts as low as $49, but you have to hurry as this special offer is only available for a limited time only.

In general, the cost of getting your tooth extracted depends largely on the amount of work involved. That is why we offer a free tooth extraction exam at our beautiful, family friendly and very comfortable dental practice to determine what treatment plans are best for you, all while making it very affordable.

Once you schedule your appointment and visit our dentist, it’s a great time to talk about what your insurance covers.  We also accept most major credit cards and cash.

At Dental Group of Orange County, we know how difficult it is to balance dental care with cost.  That is why we can help you navigate through complex insurance coverage and plans and help you identify the best options to help you start smiling again!

Same-Day Tooth Removal Appointments Available

Should you require immediate tooth removal or wisdom tooth removal, take advantage of a same-day appointment at our location. You can depend on us to provide prompt services in your time of need. We even perform removals for patients interested in dentures. All of our extraction services are accompanied by sedation dentistry to guarantee you remain at ease for the duration of the extraction procedure.