Dental Crowns

Return strength to damaged teeth by investing in long-lasting dental crowns. In T&T , New Age Dental Care is the place to find restorative solutions, such as dental bridges and crowns, for teeth affected by wear or damage.  You can depend on us to reverse the consequences of advanced oral trauma, disease, or decay.

Take advantage of crowns to protect already weakened teeth from further damage. These tooth-shaped caps are placed directly over the exposed surfaces of a tooth above the gums. This effectively restores the daily oral functions, such as chewing, eating, and even speaking.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

There’s no reason for you to continue suffering the consequences of dental damage. Allow us to repair the problem causing you continual discomfort or pain by using a porcelain crown.

We frequently utilize porcelain in the field of dentistry because of its many beneficial characteristics. The porcelain crowns we offer in Chesterfield provide the added support that weakened enamel needs, along with the completely natural appearance you desire. Porcelain even has the same, semi-translucent look of your natural tooth enamel. A porcelain crown may prove to be the ideal solution for teeth affected by the following:

• Chips
• Root Canals
• Cracks
• Multiple Fillings
• Breaks


Dental Bridges for Teeth Replacement

In addition to tooth crowns, patients can also turn to us for bridges. A dental bridge actually bridges the gap created by missing teeth. Replacing lost teeth is essential to maintaining the overall health of your mouth. By attaching the bridge to healthy teeth on either side of the gap, you are able to prevent your bite from shifting, as well as reduce your risk of developing infection.

The custom bridges we create feature artificial teeth capable of replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row. These replacement teeth are custom shaped to fit in seamlessly with the remaining teeth of your smile.

Partial Dental Bridges & Full Dental Bridges Available

Depending on your needs, you can choose from permanent or removable bridge options. Partial dental bridges can be removed at the will of the wearer, making cleaning an easy process. Full dental bridges, also known as fixed bridges, are permanently fixed in the mouth. This allows you to continue eating all of your favorite foods with no worries. Should you need replacement for all of the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, consider dentures instead.